Pain is a serious medical condition and can be debilitating! 

Each patient’s needs are unique depending on their type and source of pain, disease or condition.

The skilled physicians at Arizona Pain and Rehabilitation Associates believe every patient deserves an individualized multidisciplinary pain management plan designed to regain the highest levels of functionality and independence as possible.

We treat the whole patient by asking probing questions that are far beyond the normal scope and carefully listen to their responses. Our approach integrates advanced medical knowledge with patient education and the latest technological innovations. From the initial comprehensive assessment to long-term follow up care, we develop partnerships with our patients and encourage them and their families to take an active role in their recovery. When pain is controlled, overall quality of life improves physically, emotionally and socially.

Our empathetic physicians and rehabilitation specialists have decades of expertise in all facets of spinal and musculoskeletal pain. We stay current with leading edge pain relief research and new modalities. Simply stated - we help you manage your pain and stop the pain from managing you.